5 Things to Consider When Power Washing Your Tiled Surfaces

Tips on Successful Tile Pressure Washing

Although tiles need little maintenance, that does not mean no maintenance. Grout darkens over time, as dirt and debris remain stuck in its tiny pores. To clean it is not so easy because the grout is slightly lower than the surface of the tile. Therefore, tile pressure washing will be needed. The pressure washer will be used to blast the dirt away from the tile as well as the grout and to vacuum away all dirt and grime.

How to do it?

  • Before you begin, identify what type of tiles you have. Softer stones are cleaned with lower pressure. You should make sure that you will use the correct type of chemicals for your stone. Otherwise, some natural stone types can be damaged. Do not use acid cleaners for natural stones (granite, marble, and limestone) as the acid can etch or corrode their surface.
  • There are a great number of grout and tile cleaning chemicals that are intended to be used as a pre-treatment before power washing the grout. An alkaline solution is safe for most tile types and will loosen the dirt. However, the manufacturer’s instructions for specific uses and limitations will have to be considered.
  • For grout that is difficult to clean, acid cleaners will be just right.
  • There exist several kinds of pressure washing wands. They can be used either with a truck mount cleaning system or a portable machine that has a high-pressure (1,200 psi) pump and strong vacuums.
  • For floors, units like the Hydro-Force SX-12 should be used, while Hydro-Force SX-7 hand tool should be used for walls.

If these tips are not enough to make you feel confident you can do the job yourself, you can always use a professional pressure washing service.

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